Lesson 01: Unstated Requirements

Welcome to stage 3, Network Design Principles.

In Stage 1 we discussed the Network Design Fundamentals and why we need a framework. In Stage 2, I taught you my personal framework, Consultative Leadership, which you now have as a tool in your toolbox. Stage 3, is all about Network Design Principles. 

There have been a number of changes over the last 10 years when it comes to how we as designers should look at Network Design Principles.  We will cover this and how I go about ensuring these principles are all met for each design I create for my customers.

We are going to cover Pervasive Security, Availability, Complexity, Scalability, Manageability, and much more in this stage.

We are starting right now, with what I call Unstated Requirements

As we go through the lessons in this stage together, I want you to keep this idea of unstated requirements at the top of your mind, because every Network Design Principle has become an unstated requirement. You are going to learn how to identify each of these principles and how to structure your design decisions around them.  At the end of this stage, you will know how to leverage Network Design Principles to create a proper Network Design. 

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